President's Distinguished Seminar Support Program

Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost


The purpose of this program is to promote ISU visibility toward the goal of building support for the election of distinguished ISU faculty to one of the three National Academies. The Distinguished Faculty Recognition Committee (DFRC) works with colleges and departments to promote ISU faculty for national and international recognitions that may facilitate future National Academy nominations. To this end, the DFRC administers the President’s Distinguished Seminar Support Program. Through this program, departments and academic programs may request central funding to support short-term visits from distinguished members of the national academies (National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine). These funds are to be used to supplement regular seminar funds as part of a standing departmental or interdepartmental lecture or seminar series. Opportunities to meet with key faculty and research groups, and relevant ISU administrators should be incorporated into the schedule of the distinguished visitor.

Proposal submission

Requests for support should be submitted by departments or programs to the DFRC through the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost. Proposals must include:

  • A brief biosketch of the speaker who has agreed to visit, and their connection to the requesting ISU program or department
  • Name and/or description and website of the seminar series
  • Draft outline of the itinerary for the visit, including key meetings that might be relevant to the program purpose
  • Provide an explanation linking the proposal to the purpose of the funds requested
  • Budget. Note: Allowable costs include travel, lodging, and meals.

The President’s Distinguished Seminar Support Program has an annual funding level of $10,000, which will be awarded competitively to supplement normal seminar funds. Proposals may be submitted to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost on a rolling basis, and it is expected that the program will continue in future years. The maximum amount awarded annually to any department/program is $1500.

Proposals may be submitted (as a single pdf file) on a rolling basis to Megan Peterson ( or 294‐6410) in the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost.