Dead Week and Finals Week

Dead Week Resolution

For each Fall and Spring semester, the last full week of classes before final examinations is designated as Dead Week. The intent of this policy is to establish a one-week period of substantial and predictable study time for undergraduate students. During the Dead Week period, regular lectures are expected to continue, including the introduction of new content, as deemed appropriate by the instructor. The restrictions established by this Dead Week policy are:

  • Due dates for mandatory graded submissions of any kind that fall within Dead Week must be listed on the syllabus provided at the start of the course.
  • Mandatory final examinations may not be given during the Dead Week period except for laboratory courses or courses that meet weekly and for which there is no contact during the normal final examination week.
  • Recognized ISU Student Organizations may not hold any meetings, functions, or sponsored events during the Dead Week period. Any exception to these restrictions must be authorized in advance by the Director of Student Activities.
Policy approved by Faculty Senate, Senior Vice President and Provost, and President, 2013.


Instructors are reminded that most students are enrolled in several courses each semester, and widespread violation of this policy can cause student workloads to be excessive as students begin their preparation for final examinations.

Students are reminded that their academic curriculum is their principal reason for being in college and they have a responsibility to study in a timely fashion throughout the entire semester.

The Provost will publicize and monitor this policy each semester.

Finals Week

Office of the Registrar Final Exam Information