Department Chairs

Department Chairs Cabinet

Recognizing that the roles and responsibilities of the academic department Chair are among the most complex within the institution, Iowa State established the Department Chairs Council, comprised of all current department Chairs,  to provide for communication between the department Chairs as a group and the administration, faculty, staff and students of Iowa State University. The Council works to encourage the exchange of information, insights and concerns among department Chairs. To facilitate this communication, the Council elects a Cabinet which consists of one Chair from each of the colleges and four at-large Chairs. The Senior Vice President and Provost and the Faculty Senate President sit on the committee as ex-officio non-voting members. The cabinet meets monthly to discuss and establish positions on matters of University concern with particular implications for academic departments and programs of the University.

Department Chair Professional Development Workshop Series

The Department Chair Workshop Series are workshops that focus on relevant topics of interest to those serving as department chairs. These sessions aim to provide department chairs with valuable information and useful resources to assist them in their work as managers and academic leaders of their departments. We ultimately seek to provide chairs with the opportunity to build a network of resources and contacts within the university for ongoing information sharing, problem solving and support.

Workshops address topics related to personnel policies and procedures, conflict management, federal policy, faculty advancement, financial management and student affairs. Workshops are led by faculty, staff and administrators with demonstrated expertise in the session topic. Presentation materials and handouts may be distributed during the sessions. These materials will also be posted on our website.

Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch. Dessert and refreshments will be provided (unless it is noted that lunch is provided).  All department chairs are strongly encouraged to attend.  Your associate and assistant chairs are also very welcome to attend.

For more information, to submit questions, or to suggest a future workshop topic contact:

New Academic Affairs Administrator Orientation

The Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost coordinates orientation, training and support for new Academic Affairs Administrators. This Orientation brings administrators and experts from around campus who can offer valuable insight on the new responsibilities you have recently assumed and who will serve as a resource for you. The orientation also provides Academic Affairs Administrators the opportunity to interact with their colleagues.