Susan J. Lamont

Distinguished Professor
Department of Animal Science

Role in the ISU ADVANCE Program
Dr. Sue Lamont, Equity Advisor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Distinguished Professor in the Department of Animal Science, is responsible for leading the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' ADVANCE effort. Dr. Lamont began serving as Equity Advisor in December 2010.

Dr. Lamont works with college leadership to develop programs, policies, and activities, and to distribute information to improve working environments. She coordinates with the college administration’s diversity team to help provide comprehensive programming. She serves as a liaison between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and ADVANCE, leads and provides support for ADVANCE events on campus, and encourages participation by others in ADVANCE events.

Research Interests
Dr. Lamont's area of research is molecular genetics of poultry, with a focus on elucidating the genetic control of complex biological traits, especially responses to biotic and abiotic stressors.