Department Enhancement Program

The Department Enhancement Program (DEP), formerly “Collaborative Transformation,” (CT) is an outgrowth of ADVANCE, an NSF funded program designed to create the infrastructure for transforming university structures, cultures, and practices in ways that enable us to recruit and retain a diverse, highly qualified and cohesive faculty body.  Creating this infrastructure requires both “top down” policies and procedures and “bottom up” initiatives involving departmental input about work climate and strategies for improving faculty recruitment, retention and promotion. The ISU DEP is a systematic method for gathering and analyzing information about the culture of a department/program work environment. This information is then used to draft a brief report for the faculty that can be used to further department/program goals. Many departments use this process to help prepare for external program reviews, for reconfiguring departmental structures when new programs are being developed and implemented, and for other forms of long-range planning.

List of Departments Participating

2006-2008 (CT)
Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Materials Science and Engineering

2008 -2009 (CT)
Animal Science
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

2009-2010 (CT)
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Physics and Astronomy
Plant Pathology and Microbiology

2013-2014 (DEP)
Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management

2014-2015 (DEP)
Natural Resource Ecology and Management

2015-2016 (DEP)
Political Science
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Music and Theatre

2016-2017 (DEP)
Computer Science
Human Development and Family Studies
Supply Chain Management and Information Systems

2017-2018 (DEP)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences