Faculty Flexibility Conference

ISU ADVANCE National Conference

The New Norm of Faculty Flexibility: Transforming the Culture in Science and Engineering
October 10-11, 2008

Conference Information                                                      

Speaker Information
Participants networked with delegates from other institutions and bridged the gap in research. They also heard from high-profile keynote speakers and panels of experts discussing a range of topics that will provide delegates with the tools and resources for implementing change. Below are links to information on the keynote and panel speakers, including bios, provided PowerPoint presentations and handouts.

Conference Executive Summaries
The conference was primarily targeted at faculty and administrative professionals in science and technology related fields who are currently involved in or considering careers as tenured faculty members within a university or other educational institution. This forum allowed the experts and participants to discuss how current programs have been working and what steps need to be to be taken for these programs to grow and benefit both the participants and the universities. Visit the links below to see summary of each day of the Conference.

World Cafe Conversations
The World Cafe is a conversational process that allows conference participants to use limited discussion time to collaborate on ideas. Our conversations consisted of roundtables, each having a specific topic for discussion. Participants had 15 minutes to consider the topic and share their perspectives, recording their observations on table flipcharts. At the end of the table conversations, the participants reflected as a group and shared key insights that emerged from the process. For more information on the process, visit www.theworldcafe.com.